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My First Blog (on this particular site)

Well, apparently, I blog now. Orrrr again. I mean, I used to blog…or write blogs I guess. Then no one blogged, so I didn’t blog. But now I am told I should blog again. So that’s what I am doing. Blogging. Well, technically, I started blogging again a few weeks back on the BFS site, but you get the point. I think. Shit.

There is way too much to say and there is no way I will be able to bring everybody up-to-date with just this one post.

Since the release of Just Woke Up (my first country album), things have really been “amazing,” for lack of a better word. To be honest, I didn’t know how the Texas Country/Red Dirt scene would react to me. I mean, I’m from Texas, but, here’s this guy that’s been around the music scene for 30 years, playing in a pop punk band, that many of my recent peer group grew up seeing on TV or listening to on the alternative or pop stations.

Well, everybody rules! From the artists, to the press, to the radio peeps, and the rest of the industry folks…me and my songs could not have been better received. There are so many people that I would need to thank for helping get us to this point, but, I will save that for later.

So here we are…my third single Royal Family is in the Top 30 and still climbing. It is already the most successful of my three singles and, coincidentally, it means more to me than any of the other songs on the record. So I really just wanted to thank YOU for being here. I will be writing more as we continue on this ride.

Check back here for more blogs and updates, especially around showtimes.

I hope to see you guys out on the road. The band and I have been working hard and, even if you've already seen a show, you're in for a great time.

Thanks for checking in.

Love y’all,


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