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Stuff has been CRAZY!

I can’t believe the shows we had this summer.

The reaction to the songs has just been a dream come true. ANOTHER dream come true!

The biggest question I am getting is “When are you going to do new music?”

Well, the wait is pretty much over.

When I went and played the Blue Bird, Liv and Jude (Liv Haynes and Jude Maloy) asked me to come back in a few weeks for their first live show. It was hard to say “no.” I managed Liv and her band from the time she was 12 years old and we wrote her first originals together. Jude is the son of Zac Maloy, who is one of my best friends and an amazing human to boot. Not to mention, he co-wrote and produced JUST WOKE UP!

Me and Zac

Casey and I decided we couldn’t miss the show. So I said to Zac, “Let’s Write a song!” Well, we did. And then we wrote another one. And then I wrote a Christmas Song. Then me and Jason, my fiddle player wrote another one! And then me and Zac wrote a 5th song while I was on the way to town! It was kind of the perfect storm. A lot of folks would balk at the idea of trying to get 5 songs sung in a day, but Zac was up for it.

We enlisted the help of Jude Dylann and Billy Walker (who played drums for us this summer) to turn our work tapes into some tracks I could sing to and off we went!

I also recently recorded a cover song with my buddies the West Texas Exiles. I can not WAIT for you to hear this one!

West Texas Exiles on stage with me and the dudes!

So all that said…I have a bunch of new stuff coming! I am hoping to release my song “Christmas Day Without You” (featuring Autumn Ragland) very soon…Then I should have a plan for the other songs. Hopefully a new single by the end of the year!

Me and Crowman at the Crowman Jam

In other news, I have been nominated for Emerging Artist of the Year for the Texas Country Music Awards (TCMA’s). It is hard to explain how much this means to me. The Texas Country/ Red Dirt community has been SO gracious to me. Everyone has been very accepting of me. Not only that, they have been supportive as well! I am blown away by it all. The other nominees are all incredible, so I do not expect to win. But being recognized is enough for me!

I have shows on sale throughout the area starting in November and then again in March! It would mean a lot to see you all at a show or two!

Rob ordering a beer while playing a song at Dan’s Silver Leaf!

Also, I have 10 new hats coming to the merch store in the next few days and they are BAD ASS! So check those out too!

Thanks for letting me do this ya’ll!

I am forever grateful!


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