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Back from tour with BFS…Time for some Country music!

It is kinda strange the way this all seems to be lining up. But I guess it makes the most sense.

I play country shows for a while. Then I go out on the road with Bowling for Soup. Then I get home and start it all again. I don’t guess I thought about it working out that way when I started this whole thing. (You can read my latest Bowling For Soup Blog here) I thought I would play a weekend or two here and there, and that would be it.

When we started the band, we had a piano player named Jim. He is SO flipping good. Like, the kind of musician that just makes everyone’s jaw drop…The kind that when you are on stage with him, it’s like talking shit to a group of people with Tyson and McGregor standing at your sides…You feel invincible!


Anyhoo, Jim plays in several bands and works a job he loves. More importantly, he likes being home with his wife and family (don’t we all)…Jim made it about 2 gigs before I was already talking about getting a van. Haha…His idea of what I was going to do was the same as mine was at first. But I got the fever quick. That’s what I do. I start something…And then I want to keep doing it and making it better and better and better…Plus, I lucked out with my bandmates and it just felt right.

Jason, Rob, Jaret, Ryan Keith - Drums

That was months and months ago. I still get to work with Jim because he is involved in our merchandising, both JRR and BFS…

Did all that make sense? What I am saying is, I am not half-assing this. I am proud of where we are as a band and where I am musically in this chapter of myself. But I want to do more. New music is coming VERY soon!

First up, I have a new Christmas single that will be out before you know it! It is a bit different from the normal Christmas song. It is called “Christmas Day Without You” and it features Autumn Ragland, who I have talked about on here before. If you are a divorced parent or a kid from a divorced set of parents, you will relate. Either way, I feel like I really painted a picture of what that feels like…Especially in the early years.

We are playing shows in November and December, and I hope new music will follow soon!

I just wanted to pop n and say hello and let you know, I appreciate you!

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