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Debut album "Just Woke Up" out now

I have wanted to do a country album since I can remember. Honestly, listening to Waylon, Willie, Dolly and the Eagles is what taught me to harmonize and how to write a song. Those songs played constantly in the car and the house when I was a kid. Country songs are stories. That’s my favorite thing about country music. The visual stories the songs tell just seem so real to the listener.

I had talked to my buddy Zac Maloy about producing this album. Then came the pandemic. Zac called and said "We are doing this country album. You have been talking about it for years and we are doing it NOW!”

Before I knew it, we had 6 songs written via zoom. Then 8. Then 12. Next thing I know we have an all star band lined up to track the music and I am on a plane for the first time in over a year to Nashville!! Two months later, Zac and I had written and recorded my solo country record, Just Woke UP. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It's authentic. It's me.

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